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Q: I see that yostick’s design is quite simple. Can I build one myself? Can you help me with that?

A: Yes. We are ready to give advice to anyone. Please inquire.



Q: What makes yostick go?

A: Yostick is electrical device. There is a motor inside the wheel. The motor is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery needs to be charged at home from usual electric outlet.



Q: How should I go – with the wheel in front of me or behind me?

A: As you wish. Yostick’s driver can place yostick beside, so the wheel is behind. The driver holds twist grip throttle with their right hand and support handle with their left. Then you bend your knees a little, turn twist grip throttle and go – we call this method sport position. It is convenient for climbing or descending a hill and reaching the top speed. Sport position also provides maximum stability. There is also a stroller position. You need to put yostick in reverse and hold it by the two front handles with the wheel in front of you. Stroller position allows the driver to relax and go almost upright. See VIDEO



Q: Is it possible to adjust speed on yostick?

A: Yes, of course. There is a twist grip throttle, similar to motorcycle. But on yostick twist grip throttle controls electric motor.



Q: And what do I have to do if I want to stop?

A: There’s a brake lever above twist grip throttle. When you push the brake lever, the wheel is blocked and yostick stops.



Q: If I use brakes at full speed won’t the motor burn?

A: No. :) The brake lever is intricate. When you push it, the motor is instantly turns off. And when you release it, the motor starts again.



Q: How do I turn when I go with the wheel in front of me?

A: When you go with the wheel in front of you – what we call a stroller position – you need simply to tilt the wheel to the side and yostick immediately goes that direction. See VIDEO



Q: Why does a yostick have a preset speed limit?

A: Yostick is intended for use on sidewalks and bicycle paths. At the same time, the motor installed in it is quite powerful. You need a powerful motor in order to go uphill without problem. However, if you use all motor power to speed up on a flat ground, yostick will go dangerously fast. That’s why all yosticks have their speed limited.



Q: How does a speed-limiting device work?

A: It simply reduces engine power when yostick reaches preset max speed.



Q: Can I set up max speed?

A: Yes. User's manual provides info on changing max speed setting.



Q: What type of roller skates do I need for yostick?

A: Any type you like.



Q: What’s the connection between yostick and roller skates (skateboard, longboard)?

A: There’s none. Just through a person who stands on roller skates. I.e. if you hold yostick in your hands, you can give it to your friend, who can jump on a skateboard and go on.



Q: What is Reverse mode for?

A: For using yostick in stroller position. Stroller position is when you go with the wheel in front of you.



Q: What is Cruise mode for?

A: Separate green button turns on Cruise mode. First, you reach desired speed with twist grip throttle, and then you can press Cruise button. After that yostick will automatically maintain reached speed. If you go uphill, yostick will increase motor power, and if you go downhill – it will decrease it.



Q: What is Regen brake mode?

A: Yostick not only uses power, it can also recharge the battery. When you go downhill, you can press red button to turn on Regen brake mode. In this mode, the motor will generate electricity to recharge the battery, and yostick will apply the brakes automatically.



Q: Is it possible for two people to use one yostick?

A: Sure. See VIDEO

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