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Many people would like to move faster, because they like it. In order to give such people an opportunity, we have developed yostick: environment-friendly device for active recreation. Yostick’s driver uses conventional roller skates or skateboard, and yostick enables them to move with high speed without big effort. Unlike competitors, yostick has very simple design, so the price of this product is quite low. With yostick it is possible to move quickly on sidewalks or bicycle paths and overcome any unevenness of the ground on the way. Yostick guarantees safety and stability because driver’s feet are on the ground. Moreover, in combination, for example, with roller skates, yostick is a very maneuverable device and poses minimum threat to pedestrians. The majority of roller skaters use locations not far from their homes. Skating in same places cannot bring new sensations. Yostick gives exceptional feelings from skating in usual places and makes it possible to have a real journey through a city.

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